Friday, August 29, 2014


So, I've been on a major yarn hiatus.  I've been doing calligraphy like a madwoman; I'm filling notebooks with the stuff (and no, that's not a typo; yes, I mean more than one).  Let's just say I had to order a second set of practice markers because I used up the ink in the first set.  See what I mean?

But I'm feeling the bug again.  I'm beginning to see that this is part of my normal pattern (which only took me fourteen years to figure out, but let's not go there, kthxbi).  I seem to set knitting aside around May or June and pick it up around September or October.

We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary this year - yay! - and went down to southern Illinois and St. Louis to poke around.  One of the shops had some lovely Lana de Oro and I had to get some.  I'm thinking socks.  50% wool, 50% alpaca.  Michael picked heather grey, I picked heather lavender:

The lavender has bits of other colors in it, more as shading than a true ombre.

The lighting is weird because I took these outside.  I tried to get a close-up and the camera changed the coloring.  Sigh.  Must.learn.Photoshop.

Can you tell I've been playing with the grey hank?  ~blush~  But this is the grey with the lavender; I'm thinking that I'll use a small mosaic in the cuff of each sock in the opposite color.

It's really not as pink as it seems in this picture.  But I'm excited.  I may even use the toe-up technique, though I think I should do the first set with practice yarn first.  We shall see.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pysanky Day!

Pysanky Day is Sunday, March 23rd.  If you're in Chicago, join us at Pumping Station: One for a day of fun and eggs and art.  If not, stay tuned for pictures and maybe even a video.  :)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Journey Into 3-D Notebook - Hats!

So I've been playing with knitting from the top down.  I started a sweater and have been wrestling with it (which I'll share later), but for now I want to share my newest creation:  a hat!

My first hat was almost a decade ago.  A friend asked me to make a hat for her friend.  I did so.  It was large enough to fit her, her friend, AND me - and not just our heads.  It was not, shall we say, a success.

Since then, I've successfully mastered all kinds of things in knitting:  sweaters, sleeves, socks, lace, design...  So why not hats?

I asked myself that and then gave it a shot.

This one is fun because the increases are one-off from each other so that they swirl around the head.  I did the crown with a merino wool, then the sides with an alpaca and mohair blend that's fuzzy and whisper-soft.

I even like how it looks on me.

And you can see it from the back.

I want to try making another hat that's a little smaller, so it stays tighter on the head. In fact, I started one, but that's a post for another day! :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stashbusting - The Ugli Bag

This picture is a bit yellow, and the middle of the bag is beige and not lemon.  But behold, my friends, the Ugli Bag.

The top is super soft, fuzzy furry overdye with a thick central filament of a bulky yarn.  I didn't have much of it, so I couldn't at first figure out what to make; then I decided on a gift bag.

Then I ran out.  What to do?

The beige stripe is the leftover marino and alpaca blend that I used for a lovely scarf wrap that I'll feature in an upcoming article.

Then I ran out of that.  Uh-oh.

Enter the blue.

Hrrrh?  The bag is a mixture of browns, pumpkins, and beige.  blue?  BLUE?

Well, orange's complement is blue, and so it's a natural choice.

Sort of.

Then it hit me - do the strap in blue, too.  The prior picture shows the top of the strap so you can see the texture.  This one shows the bag.

I didn't realize, though, when I put in a 2-stitch edging of garter stitch that I would cause the strap to fold in on itself.  It worked to my benefit, actually, because instead of being ultra wide, the strap is now just the right width and the double-thickness means it will be stronger.

You can get a better idea of how obnoxious the blue is next to the orange, though, in this shot.  It's not quite as neon blue as in the image, but it's somewhere between muted and neon (how's that for precise?).

I'm going to line the bag with muslin to give it some strength and I'll show pictures once that's all done.

Knit on!